Wellness Travel

Wellness Travel


Our experiences are curated to be all-inclusive, immersive, intimate and mindful, focused around active travel in nature, while fostering social connections between guests.

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Our team meticulously curates all meals prepared by our guides using nutritious, locally and ethically sourced ingredients from trusted partners. We prioritize quality and sustainability in every dish, ensuring both nourishment and environmental responsibility.

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Our dedication to sustainability extends throughout every facet of our operations, embodying a holistic approach to environmental stewardship. While we proudly uphold specific sustainability commitments, we continuously seek avenues to enhance our practices and minimize our ecological footprint.


We aim to foster an environment that prioritizes inclusivity, where guests can freely engage in meaningful social interactions, building lasting connections with our small group sizes, while also providing ample spaces for individual self-relaxation and introspection.

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We offer immersive experiences, from paddling through pristine waters to discovering hidden gems. Our passionate guides help you foster a deeper appreciation for the environment. We aim to create authentic, memorable experiences that forge a personal connection to the places you explore.


Our mission emphasizes kayaking as an ideal activity for reconnecting with oneself, others, nature, and the environment. Due to its immersive and tranquil nature, kayaking fosters personal reflection, social bonding, and appreciation for the natural world and the region.

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You can look forward to savouring delicious meals, discovering insights about the natural world, and forming meaningful connections with fellow adventurers. With our holistic tours, every aspect of your experience contributes to an unforgettable journey of enjoyment and enrichment.

There was abundant wildlife – orcas, whales, porpoises, eagles, ravens, urchins, jellies and on and on. Shail brought her skills as a naturalist and gave us a rich learning experience on land and in the water, all with her infectious laugh. The food was made with so much care and attention to detail by Mateo – pizza, salmon, nachos, charcuterie, hot breakfasts daily. The base camps were super comfortable with thick sleeping pads, spacious tents, covered areas for dinner and even heat lamps at one site. Our guides made everyone feel safe and comfortable at all times, and created a space for us to totally relax and enjoy good company. It was an unreal experience and I would recommend it to anyone.

Leah R