Sustainability & Community

Sustainability & Community

Kayaking with Purpose

At North Island Kayak, we are deeply committed to sustainability, prioritizing environmentally conscious practices in every aspect of our operations. Here are some of our sustainability committments, but be sure we are always striving to improve our operations to decrease our environmental impact!

north island kayak biosphere committed

We are Biosphere Certified

Biosphere is an internationally recognized certification program that empowers businesses and organizations to embrace sustainability, allowing us to align our operations to help achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda. 

We are a Certified Climate Positive Company

Through this Climate Positive designation, we offset 110% of our carbon emissions and support a carbon offset portfolio in a designated offset project on the West Coast— The Great Bear Forest Carbon Project, an Improved Forest Management Project created from a partnership between Coastal First Nations and the Province of BC.

climate positive
orca in telegraph cove

Members of NIMMSA

North Island Kayak is proud to be a member of the North Island Marine Mammal Stewardship Association (NIMMSA). This affiliation signifies our dedication to responsible wildlife viewing practices and adherence to ethical guidelines for interactions with marine mammals. Our guides are extensively trained to minimize disturbance to these incredible creatures while providing an informative and memorable experience for our guests.

We support Ocean Wise

The Salish Sea plays host to year-round at-risk whale species, including the endangered southern resident killer whales, threatened northern resident killer whales, Bigg’s killer whales, and North Pacific humpback whales, all listed under Canada’s Species at Risk Act (SARA). This is why we are proud to sponsor Ocean Wise and their work on whale behaviour in the Salish Sea, guiding future interventions for at-risk populations.

ocean wise boat with killer whales

Pacific Salmon Foundation

Recognizing the vital role that salmon play in the marine food chain, being the primary food source of Northern and Southern Resident Killer Whales, we’ve proudly contributed for several years to the Pacific Salmon Foundation‘s initiatives aimed at the protection and restoration of salmon habitats.

Empowering future generations with Sea Smart

Sea Smart is a charitable organization focused on providing empirically-developed educational programs addressing current ocean issues. By educating students and teachers about sustainability and promoting conservation and sustainable practices, we aim to build a more responsible and ecologically conscious community.

beach cleanup with sea smart
whale skeleton

Whale Interpretive Center

The Whale Interpretive Center (WIC) is home to the largest collections of marine mammal skeletons in British Columbia, and located next door to us in Telegraph Cove. We encourage guests to visit the exposition, we help them sell their entry passes and have supported them in many other ways through the years. We are proud to work so closely with such an amazing educational charitable organization!

Members of the Wilderness Tourism Association

The Wilderness Tourism Association of BC (WTA) is a non-profit providing leadership, advocacy, stewardship, education, and marketing support to wilderness tourism operators. We are proud members of the WTA and be part of this community of eco-tourism businesses.

sunset in Telegraph Cove

Community Support

In addition to our sustainability commitment, we are proud to support many local organizations in our tight-knit community. Here are just a few we have had the honour of supporting through the years:

  • Gwa’sala-‘Nakwaxda’xw School 
  • North Island Music Festival
  • Filomi Days Port Hardy 
  • Island Kids Cancer Association
  • Port Mcneill Rotary Club
  • PH Chamber of Commerce
  • Golden Wings Soccer League