Who we are

Who we are

Located in Telegraph Cove on the east coast of Vancouver Island, BC, North Island Kayak has been providing our customers with the opportunity to go kayaking with killer whales and other wildlife in this spectacular, remote part of British Columbia since 1991. Our focus on providing spectacular sea kayaking tours has made us the largest sea kayaking tour provider permanently located on northern Vancouver Island, with literally thousands of delighted customers.

Our goal is to provide you the best all-inclusive sea kayaking experience in British Columbia from start to finish including excellent customer service, highly trained and passionate guides; quality sea kayaking equipment, select kayak camping locations, great food and most of all, no headaches.

We achieve kayaking tour perfection by providing easy, year round communication; by finding, training and employing top guides; by choosing and maintaining great kayaking and camping equipment; by ensuring we always have all appropriate permits and by constantly trying to improve all aspects of our services. All the while taking an active, sustainable role in the area of British Columbia we call home.We know how important your vacation is – You can trust it to us.

Why choose North Island Kayak?

  • The best place in the world to see and kayak with killer whales in the wild – over 200 Orcas call our backyard home every summer.
  • Total quality service – Top guides, best camp locations and great equipment.
  • Multiple sea kayaking tours every day.
  • Up to 16 guides on the water providing an unequaled wildlife intelligence network.
  • Great food and popular, healthy menus.
  • Four base camps in Johnstone Strait, two base camps in Blackfish Sound and permits for all local parks.
  • Research grade Hydrophones on every trip – Listen to the Killer Whales talk.
  • No experience necessary – we have a variety of trips suitable for a range of paddling abilities
  • Located in Telegraph Cove – Serving Northern Vancouver Island since 1991.
  • Professional tour support crew including a dedicated support boat, moored in Telegraph Cove
  • A great reputation – check our reviews on Tripadvisor.com

Our Location – Telegraph Cove

We are located in Telegraph Cove on the North of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Our store and sea kayak tour departure point is located at the end of the historic boardwalk. We specialize in this area and in providing you with sea kayaking tours that provide you the very best value. From where you park your car, to our launching ramp, paddling out into Johnstone Strait and the realm of stunning scenery and wildlife is literally a stones throw. We start our multi-day tours early in the morning and return in the afternoon to give you the most time that we can on the water and in the wilderness.

Our Professional Guides

Our guides are specifically selected and trained to be expertly qualified, intimate with the wildlife, geography, history and culture of our locale, strictly adherent to minimum impact wildlife viewing and respectful of the environment. Our multi-day guides are seasoned outdoors people who typically return to guide this area summer after summer. They are well known in Telegraph Cove and form an integral part of our small community. They are familiar with more than just the parts they have paddled in the current season. They know the best areas to paddle, the North Island hikes, the tricks or our weather and are also dedicated to the preservation of where we call home.

Our Quality Equipment

We use and provide top quality equipment, sourced as locally as we can find and professionally maintained within our local communities.

Our Customer Service

North Island Kayak is proud to provide year round full time customer service and facility staff who bring a dedication to enabling your vacation that we believe cannot be matched. We fully understand how little vacation time is available and that you have more than enough frustration in everyday life, without encountering it planning or during your vacation. You can contact us by email or phone and can be assured of communicating with a real person who is intimate with the products we offer and the area we call home. Once we have booked a tour, we will not cancel it due to lack of participants. We will also not spring surcharges on you due to the tour not being full.

Our Food

We have delighted thousands of diners in a wilderness environment, by preparing meals that bring a flavor of the Pacific Northwest from quality ingredients that have been sourced as locally as possible. Each summer more and more of our ingredients are grown or made within North Vancouver Island communities. With prior notice, we are happy to arrange gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, or pescatarian menus (please let us know if you have any other dietary requests).

Our Environmental Ethos

We believe in the “leave no trace” philosophy at home and while in the wilderness and in minimum impact wildlife encounters. As we believe that “leave no trace” should apply to our entire organization, we are striving to continue development to become fully sustainable in our own right. We rigidly apply and exceed the wildlife viewing guidelines as defined by Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans. We strive to ensure that future generations will have the same opportunities to enjoy our beautiful area and wildlife as much as we do, and you will.

Our Small Tour Group Sizes

We believe in small groups, our average tour has five participants however during peak season we will occasionally launch a tour with up to twelve. Our day, half day and 2 hour tours can accommodate up to twelve.

We Have Fun

Last but by no means least having fun is of critical importance. It is a vacation after all! Nothing pleases us more than to see our guides and our guests coming back from one of our tours with huge smiles on their faces!