A Wildlife-Filled Kayaking Adventure in Telegraph Cove

July 2023

Written by our Guest: Isabella M. Johnson

campsite at north island kayak

Hey there!

I couldn’t wait to share our unforgettable trip to Telegraph Cove, where my husband and I embarked on an overnight kayaking tour with North Island Kayak. This village on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, proved to be a nature lover’s dream!

From the moment we arrived, North Island Kayak impressed us with their warm hospitality and attention to detail. As a vegan with dietary restrictions, I was initially very concerned they would not be able to accommodate my dietary restrictions I was relieved to learn that all meals were catered to accommodate my preferences.

Our journey began with a breathtaking paddle, surrounded by towering trees and glistening waters. We were lucky enough to spot orcas from the distance, bald eagles, and a playful sea otter along the way. Each sighting left us in awe of the wonders of wildlife in this area. Myself and my husband are from Mississauga, ON, and we were stunned by the beauty of the coast of BC! Camping on a secluded beach under the starry night sky was magical. The team had everything set up, and we enjoyed a lovely evening by the campfire, sharing stories with fellow adventurers from other parts of Canada and the US.

The next day brought more incredible encounters, including humpback whales and more beautiful bald eagles. The trip was flawlessly executed, and every meal was delicious and vegan-friendly. Our adventure in Telegraph Cove with North Island Kayak was an experience we’ll cherish forever. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly getaway with wildlife wonders and exceptional hospitality, this is it!

Happy paddling!

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