Wrapping up our season!

September 2023
telegraph cove seen from above

Photo courtesy of Coastal Picture BC

Highlights of the 2023 Season

The year 2023 in the Broughtons was packed with memorable moments for us at North Island Kayak. We paused the operation on September 24th until next season, and we’re excited to share some of our best moments! Other than amazing trips, and paddling fun, here are the highlights that made it an exceptional season:

1. Meeting B13: The Resilient Orca

We were deeply moved by encountering B13, an orca with a collapsed dorsal fin. It is usually a sign of deteriorating health, but he’s now lived with this condition for over 20 years. It is usually seen in captivity, and very rare to see in the wild, but he seems to be still doing well!

2. G Clan’s Return

Long-lost family members from the G clan made a heartwarming return, finally being visible again against the stunning backdrop of the Broughtons.

3. Guardian’s Return with Her First Calf

The beloved humpback whale, Guardian, brought joy as she returned with her first calf, underscoring the importance of preserving their habitat.

4. A Fish Farm-Free Summer

2023 marked the first fish farm-free summer in the region, allowing us to appreciate the area’s natural beauty and commit to sustainable practices.

5. SAY ORCA: A Game-Changing App

Orca Labs introduced a revolutionary app, “Say Orca,” offering real-time data on the select vocalization of the Northern Residents killer whales and interactive features to deepen our connection with marine life.

6. Swanson Camp’s New Facilities

Swanson Camp received upgrades with a brand new kitchen and dining structure, combining comfort with sustainability and allowing our guides to treat you to even better food!

7. New Daytrip Kayaks

Brand new daytrip kayaks made exploring the Broughtons more accessible and enjoyable for adventurers of all levels. The new kayaks are more stable and easy to use, and we’re excited for you to try them next time!

The Broughtons’ 2023 season was marked by remarkable encounters, heartwarming reunions, sustainability initiatives, and innovative technology. These highlights will continue to shape our commitment to this breathtaking marine paradise in the years ahead. See you next season!