Paddle into Paradise

August 2023

Unveiling Vancouver Island’s Coastal Beauty with North Island Kayak

kayaking in telegraph cove

Stunning image courtesy of: Coastal Picture BC

Are you ready to dip your paddle into the azure waters of Vancouver Island’s breathtaking coastline? Look no further than North Island Kayak, nestled in the charming Telegraph Cove. Our passion is to guide you through awe-inspiring sea kayaking adventures that connect you with nature’s wonders, from enchanting wildlife to hidden coves and island treasures.

Discovering Nature one Paddle at a Time

Embarking on a sea kayaking adventure with North Island Kayak means immersing yourself in the vivid tapestry of Vancouver Island’s coastal landscapes. Our kayak tours around Vancouver Island bring together both novices and experienced kayakers to explore the region’s hidden nooks and crannies. Our Vancouver Island paddle adventures offer the thrill of exploration as you navigate coastal kayaking expeditions unlike any other. Glide through crystal-clear waters, caressed by the gentle sea breeze, and feel the rhythm of the ocean beneath your kayak.

Wildlife Encounters Beyond Imagination

Imagine the exhilaration of spotting a majestic whale breaching the surface, seals basking lazily on rocks, and eagles soaring overhead on our wildlife kayak tours. These encounters are more than just a glimpse of nature’s wonders – they’re a testament to the wild heart of Vancouver Island. For multiday tours, we even offer a whale sighting guarantee!

Guides, Stories, and Shared Journeys

With North Island Kayak, you’re not just a traveler; you’re a fellow explorer. Our knowledgeable guides weave tales of the land’s history, share insights into the marine ecosystem, and provide an immersive experience during guided kayaking trips. Want to go solo? No worries! We offer kayak rentals on Vancouver Island, allowing you to unlock the beauty of coastal exploration even if you’re a first-time kayaker. Contact us to inquire about our kayak rentals!

Island Hopping: A Seafarer’s Dream

Island hopping kayak tours introduce you to a world of enchanting islands, each with its own unique allure. Paddle from one island to another, discovering hidden coves, sandy beaches, and coastal flora that make every stroke of your paddle an adventure. If you really want to explore the beauty of our coastline, we recommend embarking on either the 6-day tour or the 8-day nomadic expedition, that will give you the best chances to explore and view wildlife!


Our commitment to eco-friendly practices ensures that your ocean kayaking tours are not just about adventure – they’re about preserving the very environment that enchants us. Engage with nature responsibly, leaving only ripples and taking back memories. We are committed to sustainability, and we will ensure your experience won’t have a negative impact on our beautiful region.

Paddle, Pause, Reflect

Kayak camping trips on Vancouver Island combine the thrill of exploration with the serenity of camping under the stars. Connect deeply with nature as you unwind by the campfire and share stories with fellow adventurers.

Unveiling the Discovery Islands

In the embrace of Discovery Islands kayaking tours, every stroke of your paddle carries you through intricate waterways, revealing the secrets of these islands that wait to be discovered.

Certified for Your Confidence

Guides are not just enthusiasts – they are experienced and certified guidesensuring your safety and enjoyment throughout your sea adventure.

Charting Your Sea Kayaking Odyssey

North Island Kayak in Telegraph Cove invites you to chart your own sea kayaking odyssey. Venture into the heart of Vancouver Island’s coastal splendor, from the captivating wildlife to the pristine island jewels. Book your sea kayaking experience today and let the currents of discovery carry you away into nature’s embrace!