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Where do I stay?

North Island Kayak is located in the tiny town of Telegraph Cove. This is on the East coast of Northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia (BC), Canada. Form here you can drive no further. You may only proceed by boat, so getting here is part of the adventure.

Telegraph Cove has been voted one of the ten best towns to visit in Canada. Kayaking with killer whales from Telegraph Cove has been ranked the second best adventure you can find in Canada. Northern Vancouver Island is one of the last great undiscovered wilderness destinations.

Telegraph Cove is the departure point of choice for wildlife viewing trips to see the Northern Resident Killer Whales (Orcas) of Robson Bight in Johnstone Strait and the Humpback Whales of Blackfish Sound. It is also the gateway to the Grizzly Bears of Glendale Cove and the remote island wilderness of the Broughton Archipelago Marine Park.

There are many choices for places to stay when you come to paddle with North Island Kayak.


Telegraph Cove Accommodation

Telegraph Cove is one of the smallest towns you will ever find. yet it features a number of choices for accommodation. A campground, an RV park, a bed & breakfast, rustic cabins on the boardwalk, motel style rooms and a couple of rental houses. Also included on this page are a couple of options, that while not directly in Telegraph Cove are situated on the road into town. Take a look at each of them as there is sure to be one that will work for you.

If you stay in Telegraph Cove, Everyhing is within walking distance. You can drop your car in the parking lot and not touch it again for a while.



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Sayward Accommodation

Sayward is about one and a half hours drive South of Telegraph Cove. You are virtually certain to be driving by on highway 19.

It has great hiking and is home to the Kusam Klimb. It is an ideal spot to stop before or after visiting us.

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Port McNeill Accommodation

Port McNeill is located approximately a 30 minute drive from Telegraph Cove. It is the closest center of population to Telegraph Cove and features all you would expect to find in any small town.

The best reference for what accommodation, restaurants, grocery stores and other facilities you can find in Port McNeill is the Visitor Center.

Cheryl and the staff at the Port McNeill Visitor Center will be happy to help you.



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