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Johnstone Strait Half Day Guided Sea Kayaking Trip

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Under 14
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Half Day

A four hour non-intrusive sea kayaking adventure, exploring islands, remote beaches and the rugged coastal shallows of Northern Vancouver Island by our non-intrusive sea kayaks.

Trip Focus: 

Family fun and relaxed nature interpretation

Start Location:

Telegraph Cove, Northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Canada.

Start and End Time:

Twice daily at 8 am to noon and 1pm to 5pm

Start Dates:

Every day from May 18 to August 31

Meals Included:

None. Bring a snack and something to drink

Experience Required:

None. We use stable tandem Sea Kayaks and provide all required kayaking equipment


This trip is suitable for all over 8 years


Explore islands, remote beaches and the rugged coastal shallows of Northern Vancouver Island by our non-intrusive sea kayaks. See colorful underwater habitats with weird and wonderful creatures. Venture to deeper water and see the Eagles fishing, the seals sunbathing or the porpoises playing. With an emphasis on wildlife encounters, scenery and nature interpretation our professional guides will always be able to find something you have never seen before.

a kayak group on a half day sea kayaking tour of Johnstone Strait, near Telegraph Cove British Columbia, Canada



a bald eagle on tip-toe near telegraph cove, bc canadaYou spend almost four hours kayaking and enjoying the unparalleled scenery and wildlife of the area around Telegraph Cove; long enough for there to be real opportunities for encounters with all sorts of wildlife, especially during mid-July through early September.

The tour route provides our guides with the opportunity to share with you, their knowledge of the area, intertidal creatures, plants and depending on how your luck is running, Orcas or Killer Whales & other whales, Pacific Harbor Seals, sea lions, dolphins & porpoises, deer, mink, river otters, Bald Eagles and Black Bears; All in their natural environment.

We realize that it’s hard not to have high expectations of seeing the Killer Whales or Orcas up close however, it’s important to keep in mind that we can only provide the opportunity. An encounter with these magnificent creatures while in a kayak is a very unique, unforgettable experience. With this in mind our tour will keep you in the areas known to be frequented by these spectacular mammals for as long as we can. Our guides all carry marine VHF radios and monitor the local chatter to ensure that we never miss an opportunity. They also carry hydrophones, an underwater microphone with an external amplifier. Should there be whales nearby, these enable us to hear them as well as see them!

rafting up he kayaks to wait for the killer whales in johnstone strait on a sea kayaking tourThe Johnstone Strait Half Day Guided Sea Kayaking Trip is suitable for you, whether you are new to kayaking or have kayaked before. It is great for both adults and children over 8. It can be a fun and rewarding introduction to the wilderness and the creatures who call it home. No previous experience is required as we use very stable two and three seat, enclosed sea kayaks, provide all paddling equipment, utilize qualified sea kayak guides and conduct a pre-departure training and safety briefing.

With two Johnstone Strait Half Day Guided Sea Kayaking Trips scheduled to depart every day, there is sure to be one that meets your schedule. The morning tour starts at 8am and returns at approximately noon, while the 1pm tour starts at 1pm and returns at approximately 5pm. This allows those interested in taking a trip with Prince of Whales whales watching boat that departs from just down the boardwalk, to be on either their morning or afternoon departure and kayak in the same day.

As we run these tours with small group sizes it is important that you pre-book in order to avoid disappointment.

kayaking to the beach on a half day kayak tour of johnstone strait, bc

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A start point like no other.

river otters on the dock intelegraph cove bc at the start of our sea kayaking day tripWe are located at the Boat Ramp in Telegraph Cove, the access point to the wilderness at the end of the road.

  • There is convenient pay parking right next to our store.
  • We launch the kayaks from the heart of Telegraph Cove.
  • Paddle for 2 minutes and you are out into Johnstone Strait.
  • We frequently see eagles, mink & otters before we even leave the boat ramp.

Quality Equipment

We provide all of the camping and kayaking equipment. Come with the clothing and personal items noted in ‘What to Bring’ and we do the rest.
We even provide you with quality dry bags to keep your clothes and gear dry.

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What to bring on my Half Day sea kayaking tour

This is a water sport and you will get a little wet while getting in and out of the kayak.

  • Something to drinkl Water works great!
  • Shoes you do not mind getting soaked as you will get your feet wet. Please do not bring flip-flops or thongs as these have been the cause of many cuts and falls on the boat ramp and beaches.
  • Board shorts or long synthetic pants work well for your lower body.
  • Layers work well for the upper half.
  • Bring a hat or cap; they work great to keep you warm, keep the sun out of your eyes or the rain off your head.
  • Sunscreen; even if the sun is not shining, UV rays get reflected from the water and will burn you.
  • A camera or binoculars; We will provide a dry bag to keep them safe and dry.
  • A snack,
  • If you have allergies that require the use of an EPI Pen - Bring It!

For maximum comfort while kayaking avoid cotton clothing, this includes jeans.


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While tipping is not mandatory it is very much appreciated. Your guide works very hard to make sure you get everything you hope for from your trip. If you think you were well looked after a suggested guide tip is 10% of your trip cost.

There is no ATM in Telegraph Cove however, you may tip them via your credit or debit card on return to our store.

Go ahead - make their day.

While tipping is not mandatory, if you think you were well looked after a suggested guide tip is 10% of your trip cost.

Ocean touring sea kayaks are surprisingly stable and comfortable, especially the tandem kayaks we use for our less experienced guests. A pre-launch training session will give you some of the basic skills that will help keep you safe while your guides are well versed in paddling, the area and general safety. They are right there with you the whole time to ensure your safety and enjoyment.

Our average group size is 5 people, however we conduct our tours with as few as 2 and as many as 12.

Our customers come from all over the world. They may be younger or older than you but you can be sure they are just as excited to be here as you are. We have found that those traveling without children tend to prefer to kayak with adult only groups. In order to try and ensure all of our guests get the maximum enjoyment from our tours we run separate tours for families.

The amount of time on the water will vary but will typically be in the region of 5-6 hours per day.

It will be a fully enclosed Sea Kayak from one of a variety of manufacturers including Seaward Kayaks, Boreal Designs, Necky Kayaks and Current Designs.To ensure we can provide all guests with a great experience, we predominantly use tandem kayaks on our tours. Our kayaking tours focus on wildlife observation and having fun. As such, we often need to cross open water and paddle against wind or ocean currents to be in an optimal viewing spot. For those who are not experienced ocean kayakers, paddling single kayaks when others are in faster, tandem kayaks can become very tiring, very quickly and have a negative impact on the safety and enjoyment of others in the group. On occasion, if tour capacity allows or there are an odd total number of participants, we may add some single kayaks to the trip, which will be shared among guests interested in paddling them. Unfortunately as people have wildly differing opinions of their skill levels, stamina and endurance, we do not guarantee exclusive use of single kayaks to any of our guests. 

We prefer to use our kayaks as we are familiar with their capacity and appropriateness for a given trip. We have also found that those who bring their own typically do not wish others to paddle them. Should you really wish to bring your own, we do require it be an appropriate kayak for the type of trip you are undertaking and we will need to utilize space within it for the group gear. Contact us, identifying kayak make and model and we will see what we can do. We do reserve the right to inspect the kayak prior to departure and have you paddle one of our kayaks if necessary.

We choose guides based on many variables. Naturally they must be appropriately qualified and able to kayak, provide instruction and keep you safe on the water, but we demand much more than this. We employ guides from Canada; Many of them have grown up around our coast or have migrated to BC as they have grown up. We employ guides who can interpret our environment; They need to be able to identify our local fauna and flora and communicate their knowledge to you. We look for language skills; Many of our guides are fluent in both English and French, while others bring Spanish or German to the mix.

North Island Kayak has been providing sea kayak tours on northern Vancouver Island since 1991. The current owners took over in 2006.

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As Killer whales, sea lions and bears are the top predators in their environment, the chances of seeing them are mostly a factor of how long you spend in their world and when you choose to come to Telegraph Cove.

  • The best time to see killer whales on a half day trip is August when around one fifth of our Johnstone Strait Half Day Guided Sea Kayaking Trips will see them.
  • We see them mid-July through mid-September on around 20-25% of our Johnstone Strait Orca Opportunity Guided Sea Kayaking Day Trips,
  • Bears and Sea Lions are usually seen more often in June, early July and mid to late September.

Fortunately, while maybe not as exhilarating as the big mammals, there are many other critters and spectacular sights that we can find on every trip.

 * The creatures listed below are in order of sighting probability - Those near the top, we will see most often.

June Early July Mid July End of July to Mid August Mid Aug to Mid Sept Mid Sept to End Sept
Bald Eagles
Dall’s Porpoise
Harbor Seals
American Mink
Black Bears
North American River Otters
Killer Whales - Orcas
Steller Sea Lions
Humpback Whales

Color Code

very rare
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If you need any assistance or would prefer a real person to deal with we will be happy to hear from you. Call us (+1-250-928-3114 or 1-877-949-7707), or email us


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Birds on a log in Johnstone Strait

Johnstone Strait

Kayak with the Orcas in Johnstone Strait, the internationally renowned best place in the world to view Killer Whales in the wild. It is located between the northeastern end of Vancouver Island and the coastal British Columbia (BC) mainland.

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