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Why choose nomadic sea kayaking expedition?
Our nomadic sea kayaking expeditions provide you the opportunity to really explore and experience these remote areas and what they have to offer. We take everything we need with us in the kayaks which allows us to change camp each day and wake up to a new view each morning. It gives you the ability to visit and experience different wildlife habitats and the animals that call them home, while camping on many different islands, some with evidence of ancient First Nation settlements. These tours typically cover greater daily distances than our base camp style tours and expose you to the daily rhythm of making and breaking camp, packing kayaks, navigation and the impact of tides, currents and weather. A nomadic sea kayaking expedition may be ideal for you if you are already comfortable with back country camping or just have a desire to experience leaving it all behind and living with what we can carry.

Expedition Sea Kayaking Tours of 5, 6 or 8 Days.

Five Day Marine Wildlife Sea Kayaking Adventure

Five Day Marine Wildlife Sea Kayaking Adventure

Jun 8
to Jun 29
Jul 6
to Jul 16
Jul 20
to Aug 31
Sep 7
to Sep 20
Adult $1000 $1200 $1350 $1200
  • Departs from Telegraph Cove every Monday from early June until late Sept. at 9am and returns at 3-30pm on day 5. Also on Thursdays in July and August
  • Five full days ‘All Inclusive’ exploring Johnstone Strait, the Broughton Archipelago and Blackfish Sound by sea kayak.
  • Nomadic expedition style tour; move camp each night.
  • No kayak experience necessary.
  • Non-intrusive wildlife observation providing spectacular wildlife, scenery and local history photo opportunities.
  • Experienced guides, great food and top quality equipment.
  • This trip provides very best wildlife opportunities. If you have the time, this is the one to choose!

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Broughton Archipelago Six Day Sea Kayak Expedition

Broughton Archipelago Six Day Sea Kayak Expedition

to Jul 5
Jul 6
to Jul 19
Jul 20
to Sept 9
Adult $1300 $1400 $1500
  • Departs Telegraph Cove every Sunday from June 14 until Sept. 9 at 9am. Returns at 3-30pm on day 6
  • Six full days ‘All Inclusive’ exploring Johnstone Strait, Blackfish Sound and the Broughton Archipelago by sea kayak.
  • No kayaking experience necessary.
  • One way nomadic expedition style tour; move camp each night and come home by chartered Water Taxi.
  • Spectacular non-intrusive wildlife observation, rugged scenery and ancient cultural photo opportunities.
  • Experienced guides, great food and top quality equipment – Unmatched opportunity!

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Six Day Gods Pocket Sea Otter Kayaking Expedition

Six Day Gods Pocket Sea Otter Kayaking Expedition

Jun 22
to Jul 5
Jul 6
to Jul 19
Jul 20
to Aug 23
Aug 24
to Sep 7
Adult $1500 $1600 $1700 $1600
  • Depart from Port Hardy every Sunday from June 22 until September 7 at 9am. Returns at 3-30pm on day 6.
  • Some previous Sea kayaking experience recommended.
  • Six full days ‘All Inclusive’ exploring Gods Pocket Marine Park and Queen Charlotte Strait by sea kayak.
  • One way nomadic expedition style sea kayaking tour; move camp most days and return home by chartered Water Taxi.
  • Spectacular non-intrusive wildlife observation, including Sea Otters, Killer Whales, Humpback Whales and maybe even Wolves.
  • Experienced guides, great food and top quality equipment – Unique opportunity!

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  • 5, 6 & 8 day nomadic expedition style sea kayaking tours.
  • Prolific wildlife sightings and spectacular scenery.
  • Encounter Killer and Humpback Whales, Steller Sea-Lions, Black Bears, dolphins, porpoises and even Sea Otters.
  • Different remote island beach camp virtually every day.
  • Visit ancient village sites of the BC Coastal First Nations.
  • Very experienced guides, great food and quality equipment.
  • Typically 5-6 hours a day of kayaking with a focus on non-intrusive wildlife observation and exploration.

Sea kayaking Vancouver Island BC - Burdwoods wilderness camp

“This was by far the most amazing wildlife experience we ever had.” Mary & Anthony, Farnborough, England

Features of Nomadic Sea Kayaking Expeditions

A wilderness camp spot on our nomadic expedition sea kayaking holiday in BC

Great intertidal creatures on our sea kayaking adventure in British Columbia

View from my tent on a wilderness sea kayaking adventure in BC

Early morning coffee while sea kayaking with killer whales in BC

Sea kayaking the Broughton Archipelago - Village Island

We have many years experience planning and delivering quality nomadic sea kayaking expeditions in this area. We know what we need to bring to make the trip successful, provide a measure of comfort and ensure everyone has a good time.

Wilderness Camp Sites

We use many different camp locations on the nomadic trips. Some of them have facilities already prepared by BC Parks, such as composting toilets, established fire pits and kitchen areas while others are just a cleared area at the head of a beach. We carry appropriate equipment with us to enable us to set camp no matter what we may find. On occasion we will even spend the night at one of our established base camps in Johnstone Strait, just because they are at such spectacular locations.

The Amazing Wildlife

The areas we paddle are the Northern Resident Killer Whale summer range. This area is protected by the Federal Government of Canada under the Species At Risk Act (SARA) as ‘critical habitat’ for these spectacular animals. The high numbers of Dalls Propoise, Harbor Seals and Pacific White-sided Dolphins form the basis of the diet of the marine mammal eating Transient Killer Whales who frequent the area. The area of high tidal current flow attract the Humpback Whales in ever increasing numbers. Along the shores of the plethora of islands we find deer, Bald Eagles and Black Bears in abundance.

A nomadic, expedition trip and the longer duration of these trips allows us to probe deep into the wilderness in search of the spectacular wildlife that abounds.

The spectacular scenery

Heading out into the Islands of the Broughton Archipelago or Gods Pocket Marine Parks has us paddling through narrow passages between tiny islands. The tidal flow though these channels brings cold nutrient rich water to the intertidal life. Every corner we go round has a different foreground and changes the long distance views of mainland BC or Vancouver Island. You could spend your whole life here and still see a new spectacular view every day. Changing camp most days also creates new sunrise and sunset opportunities.

Quality Equipment

Our agreement with BC parks, Canada Crown land, private landowners and First Nation Bands includes that when we leave any camp site we leave it as if we had never been there. This does not mean that we cannot provide great facilities, just that we need to be very aware of our impact. You will find,

  • Compact, four season tents – Easy to erect and great in weather.
  • Large group tarps for those wetter days.
  • Functional yet portable camp kitchen equipment.
  • Thermorest sleeping mats.
  • Quality, Vancouver Island built fiberglass touring sea kayaks.
  • Flexible itineraries with experienced and knowledgeable guides.
  • A library containing books on local plants, animals, insects and local history.


“..a great trip, the scenery has been a ‘Real Dream’; Seals, Eagles, Orcas seem to live in peace here..” Luca from Italy