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 See Killer Whales, Orcas, Humpback Whales, Black Bears, Sea-Lions, Dolphins, Porpoises and Eagles from a sea kayak.
Sea kayaking tours in the wilderness of Johnstone Strait and the Broughton Archipelago
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Broughton Archipelago Marine Park

The Broughton Archipelago is a British Columbia (BC) Marine Park. It is located between the North end of Vancouver Island and the Coast Mountains of mainland BC. The Broughton Archipelago Marine Park consists of hundreds of small islands, some of which are only numbered rather than named. These islands are surrounded by small channels which are spectacular to paddle by kayak. This little known part of the world is a haven for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. We believe the best way to explore this spectacular wilderness is by the silent, non-intrusive kayak.

First Nations totem on Village Island in the Broughton Archipelago BC

The park is rich in wildlife.
The eastern borders are home to Killer Whales, Humpback Whales and Minke Whales, while dolphins, porpoises, seals and sea-lions proliferate throughout. Although they may look it at first glance, these islands are not uninhabited. Look up in the trees and spot the ever present Bald Eagles, look on the beaches and see Black Bears, River Otters, Mink, Racoons and Black Tailed Deer. As one would expect, there is also many sea-birds that call this their home, including Harlequin ducks, cormorants and Great Blue Herons.

Stellar Sea Lions Broughton Archpelago BC - NIK guide Brad Helmig
The park is full of culture.
Many Coastal First Nations have lived here for thousands of years. Evidence of their aquaculture by the way of clam gardens is frequent. See the remnants of ancient village sites and midden beaches created by generations of shellfish consumption and habitation.

View from a sea kayaking camp location in the Broughton Archipelago BC

The park is full of scenery.
With so many islands, there is a different view around every corner. From tiny islands with a single tree, narrow passages barley wider than your kayak, to overhanging branches of our temperate rainforest eco systems. This truly is a rugged, wilderness wonderland which we can make accessible to virtually anyone.

The best access point for visitors to the Broughton Archipelago is from Telegraph Cove. As a kayaker, in order to reach the archipelago you must cross Johnstone Strait and paddle through either Weynton passage or Blackney passage. Both of these have strong tidal currents and must be navigated during the slack tide only. You should only attempt this as part of a guided group of if you are an experienced kayaker with appropriate training.

Because of its sheltered waters and abundant wilderness the Broughton Archipelago is fast becoming a Mecca for Sea Kayakers. Don’t expect to find many facilities out here, only primitive, wilderness camping is available. North Island Kayak can take you to the Broughton Archipelago Marine Park on either our five or six day nomadic sea kayaking expeditions.

Sea kayaking camp in the Burdwood Islands Broughton Archipelago BCVillage Island in the Broughton Archipelago BC