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  • Over 250 Northern Resident Killer Whales visit Johnstone Strait each summer.

  • Telegraph Cove is one of the top 10 towns to visit in Canada.

  • The spectacular Broughton Archipelago - Our 5-8 Day tours visit here

  • Steller Sealions are regularly seen on our longer tours.

  • Sunset from our Kaikash Creek Orca Camp in Johnstone Strait


killer whales or orcas seen on a sea kayaking tour of johnstone strait & robson bight

One of the foremost reasons people come to Telegraph Cove is for the opportunity to see whales. It is world renowned as the Best place in the world to see and kayak with Killer Whales, or Orcas. learn more

Why Us

Why choose North Island Kayak to go kayaking with killer whales in BC
  1. Because we are awesome!
  2. Total quality service, guides, camp locations & equipment
  3. Amazing food and popular, healthy menus
  4. Unequaled wildlife intelligence network
  5. Professional tour support crew and boat
  6. Four base camps in Johnstone Strait, Two base camps in
    Blackfish Sound and permits for all local parks.
  7. A great reputation – check our reviews on Tripadvisor.com
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Where are we?...

Telegraph Cove, Northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia (BC), Canada.

The Lonely Planet travel guide ranked kayaking with the Orcas of Robson Bight in Johnstone Strait #2 of their Top 10 list of Canadian Adventures

Telegraph Cove is....

  • ...a 6½ hour drive from Vancouver or Victoria & 2½ from Campbell River.
  • ...a ½ hour from Port McNeill & an hour from Port Hardy.
  • ...the best place in the world to see and kayak with Killer Whales in the wild.
  • ...home to North Island Kayak, your #1 choice for kayaking tours of Johnstone Strait, Robson Bight & the Broughton Archipelago.

How to get to Telegraph Cove
Where To Stay near Telegraph Cove


Sea Kayaking Tours with Killer Whales of Vancouver Island - Telegraph Cove

Wildlife Safaris and Wilderness Adventures - North Vancouver Island, BC North Island Kayak Telegraph Cove, BC Kayaking with Killer Whales and other wildlife since 1991

Kayaking with Killer Whales - Telegraph Cove - British Columbia - Kayak with Orca

Why choose North Island Kayak?

We know how important your vacation is – You can trust it to us.

“I came with no expectations. I leave with a lifetime of memories. Thanks for everything.” Mike

Wildlife We See when we go Sea Kayaking

One of the foremost reasons people come to Telegraph Cove is for the opportunity to see whales. It is world renowned as the Best place in the world to see Killer Whales or Orcas. In addition to over 200 Northern Resident Orca who return every summer, to gorge on salmon and rub themselves on the beaches of the Robson Bight Ecological Reserve, we are visited year round by pods of Transient Killer Whales, while Humpback Whales forage our narrow straits. Our sea kayak tours will take you to the specific areas we know these whales frequent and our camps are located on beaches we know they swim by. The rest is down to luck, the time of year you come and how much time you spend with us. With our local knowledge and our team of guides, North Island Kayak provides the best opportunities that Vancouver Island can offer.

In addition to the whales we also regularly see Steller Sea Lions, Pacific White-Sided Dolphins, Dall’s Porpoise, River Otters, Black Bears, Bald Eagles, Mink, Deer, Minke Whales, Harbor Seals and salmon.

“Best holiday experience ever!” ElizaVH, Netherlands

Kayaking with killer whales Telegraph Cove BC
Black Bear - Johnstone Strait BC

Where we are – Telegraph Cove, North Vancouver Island, British Columiba (BC)

North Island Kayak is located in the tiny town of Telegraph Cove. This is on the East coast of Northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia (BC), Canada. Form here you can drive no further. You may only proceed by boat, so getting here is part of the adventure.

Telegraph Cove has been voted one of the ten best towns to visit in Canada. Kayaking with killer whales from Telegraph Cove has been ranked the second best adventure you can find in Canada. Northern Vancouver Island is one of the last great undiscovered wilderness destinations.

Telegraph Cove is the departure point of choice for wildlife viewing trips to see the Northern Resident Killer Whales (Orcas) of Robson Bight in Johnstone Strait and the Humpback Whales of Blackfish Sound. It is also the gateway to the Grizzly Bears of Glendale Cove and the remote island wilderness of the Broughton Archipelago Marine Park.

"Thoroughly recommended" Alex811, Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom.

North Island Kayak - Telegraph Cove BC
Main Street - Telegraph Cove Vancouver Island BC

Where we go Sea Kayaking

The areas served by our guided sea kayaking tours include Johnstone Strait and Robson Bight, Queen Charlotte Strait, the Broughton Archipelago and Gods Pocket Marine Parks. Collectively these form The Realm of The Orcas, or home of the killer whales. These remote Vancouver Island, British Columbia, marine environments are teeming with wildlife including Orcas, Killer Whales, Humpback Whales, Minke Whales, Dolphins, Porpoises, Sea lions, Seals, Black Bears, River Otters and in some places Sea Otters, Bald Eagles and many other birds, a wonderland of Inter-tidal Invertebrates as well as being rich in the history of the many aboriginal bands that have called this area home since before recorded history. How much of this threatened part of British Columbia we can show you depends on which sea kayaking orcas adventure or killer whale kayaking tour you select to share with us.

“Never thought I could do it!” – “Killer Whales everywhere” – “A dream come true”

A bald Eagle at dusk in Johnstone Strait BC
Sea kayaking in fog - Johnstone Strait BC


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